Today, Jungkook is certainly the biggest promoter in Korea. It was proven once again by the BTS member after all of Merlot March wine stocks by Umani Ronchi Vigor Sangiovese was instantly sold in Korea.

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Jungkook accidentally promotes wine

The BTS Maknae did not do this intentionally. He was accidentally promoting the alcoholic drink brand and didn’t even realize it. Jungkook greeted fans via V Live after their event the 5th Muster Magic Shop held in Busan, South Korea. He just wanted to the fans about the BTS and decided to do a live video broadcast.

BTS Jungkook wine promotion
Credits: Daily Mail

Sources reported that Jungkook told the fans about his plans of drinking wine as he was in a good mood. He also asked the viewers to toast with him and get grape or orange juice for the toast. The BTS member covered the wine bottle’s label, but it showed while he was pouring himself a drink. As soon as the fans found out what he was drinking, they instantly ordered the same wine.

The wine was sold out immediately and Jungkook is to be blamed for it. This is not the first time that Jungkook advertised a brand accidentally. Earlier this year, Jungkook did a similar thing. During BTS’ V Live, Jungkook said that after washing his clothes, he uses Downy. The product sold out immediately after that.

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BTS Jungkook sold wine
Credits: Koreaboo

Downy had to apologize for the shortage as their two months stock was sold in a day. But Jungkook was given the title of the “Sold Out King” following these incidents.