BTS Jungkook K-Pop relationship dating

K-Pop has garnered a huge fan following over the last few years. Especially among teenage girls and young women, the music genre has exploded like never before, and it is safe to say that there is no shortage of fans for these singers. Moreover, BTS has emerged as one of the most popular bands from this genre.

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Jungkook’s past

BTS Jungkook K-Pop relationship dating

BTS is currently the most prominent music band from South Korea, and that is why fans are extremely curious about the relationship status of the band members. It is not a new phenomenon to see young females wondering about the relationship status of their favorite pop stars. We have already seen this with boy bands like One Direction.

It seems that the youngest member of the South Korean band, Jungkook, is currently the object of fantasy for many women and a lot of them are wondering if he is now dating anyone.

In 2016, several rumors had been heard that Jungkook was dating Jeong Ye, a member of Lovelyz. They had quite a similar taste in fashion, and a lot of fans were wondering at the time if they were an item. However, the agencies and managers of both the top stars denied these rumors.

What do the rumors say about Jungkook’s relationship?

BTS Jungkook K-Pop relationship datingNow speculations about Jungkook’s relationship status have emerged again, and fans are wondering if he is linked to any other woman. Rumors have been suggesting that he may be dating Chae Yeon of DIA.

However, there has been no evidence to suggest any truth behind these rumors and it appears that the band is more focused on their career right now.

Since Jungkook is just 21 years old, he’ll likely find someone in the coming years, but there is no one in his life right now.