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BTS Good Morning America performance: NYPD issues special notice for fans

BTS Good Morning America performance

BTS, a Korean pop group, is all set to perform at “Good Morning America” on Wednesday. However, the concerned authorities are worried that the fans will put up tents and create a nuisance.

All those who have plans for attending the event to watch the boy group should take note of this important message from the New York police. Tents are strictly prohibited this time around. There was a special tweet by the police department and the fans must follow them for their own safety.

For your safety, camping in the concrete jungle is not permitted. Please don’t pitch tents in or outside [of] Central Park.

BTS band performance
Credits: Yahoo News

After hearing the warning from the department, everyone plans on leaving behind the tents. Even though everyone is extremely excited for BTS’ performance, as per the current weather report, it may rain on Wednesday so not only the police but the audience will have to face some trouble as well.

Jungkook BTS
Credits: South China Morning Post

Even though there are other performers at the said program, BTS fandom level is way higher than compared to the rest. As for the rest of the group and their management, they are planning on expanding their western popularity.

Spread the news, everyone’s favorite BTS is coming to New York.

Written by Kanishka

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