Bruins grabbed back their lead from first with a dominant display winning 7-2 over Blues on Saturday night. St.Louis’ first final in 49 years was a sour one for the Blues indeed.

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The match turned out to be a one-sided one with Bruins punishing the Blues on every mistake.

Let’s see what worked for the Bruins and what against the Blues.

Early momentum and disciplined effort by the Bruins

It was game of who would blink first after both teams struggled for early momentum. But after 5 minutes of good start by the Blues, the Bruins stormed back to take a 3-0 lead at the end of first twenty. Half the story was written there.

The Blues team have been guilty of providing way too many opportunities to Bruins and look unprofessional at times. Bruins have acted as a more uniform unit and delivered a 4-for-4 on the powerplay.

The inexperience of Blues has haunted them with them doing amateurish mistakes at regular intervals. Blues also squandered the momentum after their first goal with Colton Parayko taking a senseless penalty. The trouble never stopped as Blues sorely missed Oscar Sundqvist who was serving a one-game suspension.

Blues self-destruction mode

Blues fans were left well disappointed by the team’s effort in the final that has been long waited to be hosted. The penalties were in plenty and everything looked out of control. There was this sense of panic in the camp. As much as the 2 goals they scored were also bounced over by Bruins defenders.

Bruins bully Blues to 2-1 lead 01
Blues looked an amateur unit against formidable Bruins. Credits: St.Louis Dispatch

On the other hand, Bruins top-flight stars came back to form with a clinical performance. Brad Marchand, David Pastrnak and Patrice Bergeron, all performed admirably.

But still don’t count this inspired Blues unit and we look forward to them pulling one back. This would be a helluva task though.