This story is about a mom-to-be stray pit bull, named Daya. When she was wandering on the cold streets of York, South Carolina in such a condition, she was rescued by animal control. 

After she was rescued, her rescuer thought of taking her to the Halfway There Rescue so that she can deliver her babies safely. 

But sadly, Daya lost all of her babies as she was not healthy from the beginning. And after that, she needed emergency care. 

After the surgery, her body recovered but the loss of her babies made her even sad. Luckily, The Halfway There Rescue decided to heal her emotional wound as they have healed her physical wound. 

Enter Raisin!

That’s when the shelter house found Raisin, a sweet orphan dog who was too old to look after his own self. So, the caretaker of the shelter house decided to put Daya and Raisin together. And then, they saw a pure bond between them. 

Both of them started living happily till the time Raisin was not a baby anymore. And then, Daya found her happy ending. 

Scroll down to see their adorable video.