Britney Spears has fans worried after she posted a video of her dancing while having sweat on her dress.

The 41-year-old Toxic singer smiled as she twirled in front of a wall with graffiti while wearing a bright green dress with sweat stains on her upper body.

But Britney Spears didn’t let the stains stop her from dancing, and she did it with a big smile on her face.

The video was posted to her social media accounts on Wednesday, and fans were worried about the pop princess.

The latest post comes after reported that Britney Spears’ longtime friend and manager set up a career intervention for the troubled singer during their recent trip to Mexico. The goal was to get her to start making more music again after her 13-year conservatory ended.

Britney Spears

In her latest music video, the Sometimes singer danced along a wall in platform heels, big sunglasses, and blonde hair that was pulled back from her face.

She captioned it:

I was hot in my car… saw some pink graffiti and played!!!

Some fans didn’t like the video, though, and wrote in the comments that they were worried about the singer.

Oh my goodness please someone help her,

one fan remarked.

She’s been a mess lately,

another commented with a face-slapping emoji.

What is going on with her?? Somebody please help guide her on making better choices,

one posted.

Another concerned fan advised:

No why are you putting your self out like that do not give any one else a reason to judge you help your self x.


Oh no I feel like we’re on the brink of another shaved head. This seems so manic to me… posting your boob sweat for literally millions of people. Sure, it happens but we don’t all post it for the entire world to judge, and the comments are on so the criticism is clearly welcome,

one said.

I feel like she’s headed towards another head shave event……….

another wrote.

Britney Spears


Others said that Britney Spears’ sweaty look made it seem “relatable” to them.


So relatable! It’s hot she’s got the sweat marks too show it and she’s happy and smiling and not embarrassed about it. Thank you for showing you being real, sweat & all,

another posted.

It’s a hot girl summer lol,

one posted.

I can relate to this so much,

one fan wrote.

If she wants to show off her sweat let her show off her sweat – she couldn’t hardly breathe without permission for years I feel like everything is now a big deal for her ! Show that sweat,

another said.

Britney Spears also posted a video of herself posing by the beach on Wednesday while wearing a crop top.

TODAY I tried to go to the beach but it said “caution” everywhere,

she captioned the video.

Britney Spears’ new post comes after she and her long-time friend and manager, Cade Hudson, went to Mexico.

During their vacation, the pop star shared lots of happy selfies and videos with her close friend Cade. However, a source says that behind the scenes, the two had much more serious talks about Britney’s future.

The insider said that Cade, 34, who has worked with Britney Spears for years, wants her to “get back to what she loves to do.” The former talent agent thinks that making new music will help her “get back to herself.”

Cade wants to see Britney get back to doing what she loves to do, as she is a talented artist,

the source told

He knows that she is still passionate about this.


He wanted to have a career intervention and, at the same time, really help her to get back to herself. He told her she cannot throw in the towel yet and he has reminded her of who she really is.

A source says that Cade, who was seen with the singer on a private jet, told Britney Spears that she shouldn’t give up on her music career just yet.

Their time together has been super special and relaxing and has been eye opening for her, to say the least,

the source added, noting that Cade is “one of the only people in the world that Britney trusts.”

Working with Britney during her rise to fame has been one of Cade’s proudest accomplishments in life. In the process, she became like family to him,

the insider shared.

Britney Spears went on an “indefinite work hiatus” in 2019 after finishing her Las Vegas residency. Since then, she hasn’t put out much new music, except for a few collaborations and a surprise song with Elton John in 2021 called “Hold Me Closer.”

Besides that hit, though, she hasn’t put out a new album since 2016’s Glory.

During most of her 13-year conservatorship, the singer says she was forced to follow a strict schedule that had her “working seven days a week.” She also says that her father, Jamie, who was her conservator for more than a decade, was in charge of her finances and medical care.

After the conservatorship was finally over in November 2021, the pop princess’s fans started begging her to put out a new album, and now it looks like people in her inner circle are telling her to give her fans what they want.

Cade stayed one of Britney Spears’ few trusted confidants while she was under conservatorship. In 2021, he spoke out to deny that he had anything to do with the deal that gave Jamie control over almost every part of his daughter’s life.

Britney Spears