UK weather forecast predicts freezing winter

Britain to freeze this April according to UK weather forecast

Britain has a new weather forecast that is bound to shock you all. Britain has been basking in sizzling temperatures all this week. This was the temperature reached 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But things are about to take a roundabout turn for Britain.

The temperatures will now dip down to freezing levels this coming week. This will be because of the bone-chilling weather front that is about to hustle across the Atlantic. The temperature is expected to take a plunge to as low as -4 degrees.

Britain to freeze according to weather forecast

Britain will soon be hit by an approaching Arctic weather blast. BBC weather, as well as the Met Office, has revealed that there are two freezing weather fronts coming from the Arctic that will hit and cover Britain.

Because of these Arctic weather blasts, Britain will be covered with frost, snow and rain. According to the weather forecast, there will be a sub-zero blast which will hit and sweep through the northern regions of Britain.

Britain to freeze according to weather forecast
The Met Officer states that most of the parts of Britain will witness snow this April
Source: Youtube

After this the country will be hit by an even colder second weather front again from the Arctic. This second weather front will risk an unusual deep freeze in Britain.

What is about to come for Britain in the upcoming week?

The Met Office has issued a warning stating that as the clocks will move forth this weekend, the temperatures in Britain will fall back. Now that is some warning by the officer.

Now taking into account the weather conditions, the maps show thunderstorms that will hit the southeastern parts of Britain. This part is inclusive of London. Apart from that there will be isolated storms in the northern tips of Scotland as well as in Cornwall.

As per the warning of the Met Officer, the northern part of Britain will be comparatively colder on Sunday. This will be followed by a frosty Monday.

By Tuesday, the snow will reach the Atlantic part and will then hit the northern part of Scotland, settling in the hills. According to the weather forecast, the snow will then move forth to the east coast of England.

Britain to freeze this April according to UK weather forecast
Most of the parts of Britain will witness snow along with thunderstorm
Source: Mirror

Britain to freeze according to Weather Forecast: Areas that will be affected and how?

According to the weather forecast temperatures will be single digits for the north. The southern region, however, may witness temperature rising to a high of 18 degrees Celsius. Scotland, Northern Ireland as well as Northern England might witness temperatures as low as -1 degree Celsius with the risk of frost.

The western part of England and Wales will experience fog that will be sluggish and will be a major cause of disruptions in travel. The widespread frost in England may result in the temperatures reaching as low as -4 degrees Celsius.

Britain will also witness rain, hail, sleet and some thunder along with the snow. According to the Met Officer, most of the areas of Britain will struggle to reach temperatures in double digits in the upcoming week.

Moreover, Northern Ireland along with southern Scotland will endure showers that will be worst. The Met Officer has described them as “wintery at times” which will be accompanied by hail.

This unusual weather will continue into mid-April.

The citizens of Britain are requested to make the necessary arrangements to endure this unusual weather change. For more updates stay tuned to Hiptoro.

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