Have you ever seen a realistic animal or bird made of a needle and felting? If not, you are going to see it today and guess what, you will love it. 

There is a Russian artist, named Anna Yastrezhembovskaya, who is creating wonderful and realistic looking animals out of wool. She started doing felting when she saw children’s toys made of wool. 

After that, she started her journey of making birds and animals using the same. And we are glad that she did because her art looks realistic and amazing. “My first toy wasn’t nearly as pretty, it was rather funny,” confesses Yastrezhembovskaya. “But I enjoyed the process so much that I kept trying. I was felting during my free time, even at night, and I got better with each toy I made.”

Scroll down to see her work. 

Russian artist Anna Yastrezhembovskaya crafts adorable, needle-felted animals by hand.

Her growing portfolio of handmade toys pays homage to the many creatures that inhabit the artist’s nearby forests.

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