Bridezilla alert! 

You might have come across various bridezilla stories on Hiptoro, so we have brought one more. Just like the earlier stories, this story also features a toxic bride and her unrealistic demands. 

This story is shared by a Reddit user JuneBugg85 who received a terrible batch of demands from the woman whose bridal party she was going to attend. Fortunately, she decided to drop out of the party and shamed the psycho going-to-be-bride. 

“I honestly didn’t think it would get this big,” she told us. “She was a grade under me. Super popular girl, very pretty. Everyone loved her. My brother was at the time dating one of her friends and introduced her to my cousin.”

Eventually, the bride learned that JuneBugg85 shared her message on the Internet. “She reached out to me but it wasn’t very friendly and she was very mad. Threatening. And made me question my decision to post this,” Junebugg85 explained. “Her family is now involved and it’s getting pretty messy.”

So far, she hasn’t heard from other bridesmaids and wedding guests and doesn’t know if they are also boycotting the event. “I’ve been blocked by a lot of the people that were mutual friends and my cousin is also not speaking to me,” Junebugg85 said. “But a lot of people are backing me up saying her demands were outrageous and cruel. I hope my cousin forgives me; I didn’t think this would get so big and just wanted to vent out my frustrations when I posted it.”

After the story went viral, OP shared more details

People were absolutely baffled