Brides and weddings have always been a hot topic of discussion. They usually get attention for all the wrong reasons. And this has resulted in starting of an online community called r/weddingshaming.

Recently, an anonymous bride-to-be explained that she’s thinking of dropping her very own sister as a bridesmaid. That’s because she doesn’t fit her body standards. Before forming a judgment about the bride, we want you to read the entire story.

Here’s what happened. The bride-to-be feels “stressed out” because it’s difficult to dress her sister who is lying about her actual clothing size. Also, she is in denial about how big she actually is.

Not surprisingly, people were horrified to read the Facebook post and were furious at the bride for lacking any sympathy whatsoever. However, some other internet users had very different reactions. In their opinion, the main issue isn’t body-shaming but deep denial.

Scroll down to read the post and the reactions. Also, we conducted an interview with The Wedding Society to know how brides have to let go of the idea that their weddings can be completely ‘perfect.’

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A bride-to-be shared that she’s thinking of dropping her sister as a bridesmaid because of her size

Here’s the controversial post in full

“It’s almost impossible to get through a wedding without at least one thing going wrong. There are dozens of contributing factors, people and businesses converging in one 4-5 hour window to pull a single event off, so it is almost guaranteed that there will be something going wrong,” Anna and Sarah, Team Leaders at The Wedding Society, told Bored Panda that perfection is impossible. So it’s best to learn to accept this.

“If you can just accept that fact then when that thing does go wrong, you’ll be much more able to just accept it, troubleshoot it, and move on happily with the rest of the day,” they shared.

“The only way to avoid regrets is to make the choice not to have any!” they added that it’s entirely up to the bride to decide whether or not something will or will not be a problem. In short, some brides can make issues of things that aren’t issues at all. And that just makes everyone feel stressed out.

During a previous interview, Anna and Sarah from The Wedding Society explained to us that even though the happy couple is allowed to be a bit more particular about details as the wedding approaches, the line needs to be drawn at discrimination.

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“It is never okay, no matter the occasion or circumstance, to discriminate against anyone of any race, age, color, gender, or ability. If that occurs, a kind, honest and firm discussion needs to take place in order to stand up for the person or people being discriminated against,” they said.

“Family disputes really require the work of everyone involved to remember the bigger picture and work towards a higher goal, and also to remember their love for each other above everything else.”

Meanwhile, personal trainer and physiotherapist Paulius Lipski’s pointed out to us earlier that nobody can force someone to lose weight. That desire to change has to come from within. In other words, if someone decides to exercise more and eat healthier, it’s their choice: someone else can’t force it.

“Usually, our unhealthy habits are a result of constant stress and our behavior that’s meant to protect us from it. If we would have an honest chat with ourselves, we’d clearly see that we’re dissatisfied with ourselves only when we feel that we’re using our bad habits to cover our emotions,” he said.

“However, if we accept that we’re not perfect, we’re not pressured to change. That’s when you start developing a natural desire and curiosity to find out what the best possible version of you is,” the expert added, stating that this version of you can be a very individual thing.

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People had very different reactions to the story. Some of them sided with the bride

However, others were on the side of the bride’s sister