Brendan was born on December 3, 1968. During the late 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, Brendan Fraser was one of the biggest Hollywood stars. The Mummy, Encino Man, Blast From the Past, and Gods and Monsters are just a few of the films that he has starred in due to his magnetic personality and exceptional acting abilities. Since then Brendan Fraser has acted in more than 60 movies as a lead character. His career eventually declined after the passing of his mother and as well as the fact that he was sexually assaulted by the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Berk. Not to forget the divorce with Afton Smith also affected him.

Main Reason Behind Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith Divorce

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Brendan Fraser was able to make a comeback. The actor was successful in landing several TV parts in 2018, including one on HBO’s Doom Patrol. And most recently, he appeared in The Whale, a critically acclaimed film. He was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as a result of his performance.

All About Afton Smith

Afton Smith has acted in films including “Reality Bites,” “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “Less Than Zero,” and even “George of the Jungle,” which stars Brendan Fraser. After retiring from acting, Afton Smith went on to become a writer and released three books: “The Tiger: Class of January 1922,” “Point to Happy: For Children on the Autism Spectrum,” and “Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner.”

Her Oscar nomination for supporting roles is an appreciation for her acting roles. Both Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith are popular for their work in George of the Jungle.

Main Reason Behind Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith Divorce 

Love Life Of Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith

In 1993, Brendan Fraser and Aftom Smith first connected at a party hosted by Winona Ryder. They decided to spend quality time together and enjoyed each other’s company. Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser dated for four years. The couple’s marriage ceremony gained attention throughout the following few years.

 The wedding ceremony took place in the Bel Air hotel, where friends and family could attend. The couple has three children from their marriage which has now ended. The couple’s three lovely children are Gryphon Arthur Fraser, Holden Fletcher Fraser, and Leland Francis Fraser.

Main Reason Behind Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith Divorce

Main Reason Behind Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith’s Divorce

After nine years of marriage, Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith publicly announced their separation in 2007. When the divorce was finally finalised in 2009, Brendan consented to support Afton in the amount of $50,000 a month. Later, Fraser requested an amendment to this in 2013, claiming that he wasn’t making enough money from acting to warrant payments of that scale. Afton objected to this and charged him with fraud, claiming that Brendan had the necessary income. In her allegations, Fraser withheld from her $9 million in film contracts at the time of their divorce.

Brendan also cited his current health problems as a factor in his inability to meet this level of spousal support because he injured his back while attempting to clear a tree that had fallen on his property during Hurricane Sandy.

The couple shares custody of their three children, but they live in Greenwich, Connecticut, with Afton, while Brendan lives in Bedford, New York.

Main Reason Behind Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith Divorce

What Brendan And Afton Are Upto After Their Divorce?

Afton Smith has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars. She has become wealthy through her acting profession and alimony payments, and she lives with her kids. Brendan and Smith’s third child has autism. It has been a condition that has affected their child’s life since birth. There is a lack of awareness of autism among many people. As a result, Afton Smith is contributing to a cause that cares and raises awareness. This charitable programme provides care and treatment for the children with disabilities.

Brendan Fraser is engaged on numerous production tasks concurrently. He also has a $20 million net worth. The pair no longer had a connection after their breakup and arguments.

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