Between looks and health, what would you pick for your dog? Maybe you would choose looks because that’s what we have been doing. Confused? Well, we are talking about the unnatural way of dog breeding. 

Did you know that back in 1873, there were as few as 45 dog breeds? Fast forwards to the present, now we have around 450 dog breeds. And sadly, most of these breeds are not healthy. 

C’mon, who are we lying to. French Bulldogs are the perfect example of this thing. Luckily, Chantal van Kruining, a veterinary assistant is bringing this thing to everyone’s notice.

Her vision is to “Breed for health. Not show”. Scroll down to know what she has to say about this unnatural form of breeding. 

Due to French bulldogs’ anatomy, they suffer from BOAS and a veterinary assistant from the Netherlands is trying to genetically change the breed

French bulldogs have narrow tracheas and nostril openings, which makes them pant even after a simple walk

Chantal’s vision is “Breed for health. Not show” and to change dog owners’, breeders’ and dog show judges’ mindset to be more caring about Frenchies’ health

On her website, Chantal says she would like to see French bulldogs more athletic and that can play and run without being out of breath

“We strive for a French bulldog that is built a little more athletic. A French bulldog how they were meant in the beginning of the development of the breed. A dog that can run and play for several hours without trouble. A Frenchie that does not make a sound when breathing, under any circumstance.”

Another important thing to Chantal is to be transparent, so she makes sure to keep her dog health testing public

People on the internet were saying that they actually prefer the longer muzzle as it looks healthier