White City station was recently stormed by the police as one of the tubes staff members revealed that a man told him that he had three bombs on his person. All the roads and routes around the stations have been closed off since the incident, which took place at 2 p.m.

Eyewitnesses reveal what’s going on

An eyewitness who works for a morning TV show revealed that armed police guards have surrounded the station, and the person who was spreading rumors has been caught. All activities at the station have been suspended and sniffer dogs have been brought on to the location.

Natalie Edwards revealed, “The guy came into White City station and told staff he had three bombs and that he was going to blow up the station. After talking to station staff it sounds like a hoax rather than genuine.”

Another spokesperson for the Metropolitan police said, “It looks like a security alert that amounted to nothing. I understand it is a British Transport Police lead, it is a non-incident. Ended up being nothing.”

Classified as non-incident

A spokesperson for the British transport police also revealed that the man who made the threat has been taken in custody by the police, and no explosives or weapons have been found at the station. She said that the police are inquiring more about the incident right now.

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As soon as the police received the call, more than a dozen police officers and over five police cars reached the scene. Surrounding areas were closed from the public while the incident was being dealt with inside the station. A video showed that the officers were pointing their weapons at a man who was on the ground. Sniffer dogs were also brought to the scene in order to sniff out any explosives or weapons.