Whenever we face any difficulty or we are in any problem, we turn to god for help. And luckily, our prayers get answered. The same thing has happened in Brazil too. But rather than humans, its homeless dogs. Yes, you have read it absolutely right!

There is a church called Paróquia de Sant’Ana Gravatá where every Sunday people encounter extraordinary things. What actually happens is that the head of the church, Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes has started an initiative where he brings forgotten and homeless dogs to his church. That’s so amazing, right? Of course, it is.

The doors of his church and his heart are always opened for dogs who need love and care. Now, who wouldn’t attend Mass if dogs were involved? Dogs are so pure and cute and everything that we can ever ask for. They love us unconditionally and all they want is to see us happy. No matter whether you are a faithful believer or god or not if you have faith in humanity, this world can become a better place to live in.

Father João Paulo is truly doing the kindest thing. After all, housing homeless and street dogs are one of the best things. If you are thinking about why he actually brings dogs to the church, we know it. It’s because he wants these cuties to get noticed by the people. That’s why he makes sure that the dogs are in the center of the church and at an honorable spot where everyone can see them. 

It doesn’t matter whether the dogs are in a church or some other place, they are always ready for some great petting. These pups usually join father at the altar for some petting and attention.

Father João Paulo wrote on Facebook “They will always be able to enter, sleep, eat, drink their water and find shelter and protection, for this house is of God and they are of God.” He also works with the church’s community with an aim to encourage people to adopt dogs. His amazing work is truly inspiring people and is making this world a better place to live.

It’s so sad to see dogs who are neglected on the streets and don’t get the attention that they deserve. But hopefully, the compassionate father has thought of starting something that can help the homeless dogs. He feeds them, offers them what they need, and looks after them all the time. This small act of kindness shows how we can bring a change in society by doing our bit.

The best thing is that this act has helped so many dogs to find a permanent place that they can call home. You will be amazed to know that this priest has also one good boi himself. That’s so good.

“I helped several dogs with serious health problems. Some of them I brought to the parish house and they were later adopted. Three of them stayed with me. Today, they are my children and sleep in my bed,” the Father told us.

This amazing and heartfelt act of the priest has not gone unnoticed. Once his picture with the stray dogs was uploaded on Facebook, it went viral in no time. So many people have liked the picture and shared it with others. Several people have also called this priest a true hero who is helping dogs who can’t raise voice for themselves. 

This is not the first time that dogs have found shelter in a church. Actually, there are many other incidents where it has been seen that dogs are feeling comfortable in the church. Whether its annual pet blessing during St. Francis Day in honor of the Patron Saint of Animals or dogs unexpectedly crashing church, they get the love that they need.