A new pair of private jets, namely Praetor 500 and Praetor 600 was introduced by The Embraer this Sunday in Orlando, Florida. This pair marked the entry of the Brazilian brand, The Embraer in the 450 mid-size and Legacy 500 super mid-size private jets.

In a statement to the Business Insider, Embraer CEO and Executive Jets President Michael Amalfitano said,

“The Praetor 500 and Praetor 600 are the disruptive aircraft for the entrepreneur, for the pioneer, for the innovator.”

Both of the newly launched jets are just a derivation of Embraer current Florida-built jets. While the Praetor 600 is developed from Legacy 500 series, the other one is from the Legacy 450 series.

Source- Business Insider

The Praetor is the title given to the high-level government officials in ancient Rome. The name was selected to convey the message that these private jets are the ultimate servant of the ones riding them.

Praetor 500 can fly at 3700 miles with room for 7-9 passengers, as compared to 3400 miles on the Legacy 450 series. While the Praetor 600 has a range of 4500 (with room for 8-12 passengers), 900 miles more than Legacy 500.

The base price for Praetor 500 is $16,995,000 while its $20,995,000 for the Praetor 600.
Source- Business Insider