Brandon Mebane is Returning to Play after the Demise of his Daughter


    It looks like God has not been very kind on Brandon Mebane and his family. The Los Angeles Chargers star lost his 7-week old daughter last week.

    We are completely heartbroken bringing this news to you. May God give him and his family the strength to go through these hard times.

    The Unfortunate Incident which happened with the Mebane Family

    Brandon named his newborn daughter Makenna. Born on 12 November 2018, Makenna was one month premature and was born with a defective heart condition.

    Her heart couldn’t cope up and she took her last breath on 3rd January 2019. Since her birth, she was in continuous diagnosis for a stomach infection.

    It was later found out that Makenna was suffering from Trisomy 13. The disease is known as the Patau syndrome, which is a rare genetic condition.

    The baby was born with an extra chromosome, which restricted the development of other major organs of the body.

    Brandon will return on the field this Sunday

    The Mebane family is survived by Brandon, his wife Amena Mebane and their two children. The elder one is the 4 y/o Mahailey and the younger is the 2-year-old Makai.

    Brandon was in Omaha, Nebraska with his complete family when his daughter was getting the medical treatment for the last two months.

    Brandon Mebane

    Brandon Mebane with his daughter. Credits – NFL

    These times are really hard for any person, and so it is for Brandon. The star defense player missed the last five games to be with his family. That included the major wild-card game at Baltimore last week.

    But he has revealed that his family is holding up tight and they are about to be back in Los Angeles.

    He is back on the ground as he was seen practicing for the Sunday’s divisional game at New England.

    Brandon will be back with the Los Angeles Chargers this Sunday.

    Source- Daily Snark, People

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