Brady Singer is the Son of The Year!


    Let us introduce you to the Son of the Year Brady Singer. Brady Singer is a Kansas City Royals prospect. He was picked up by the Royals earlier this summer and was their 18th pick overall.

    There are no second thoughts to the fact that Singer is a right-handed pitcher of high caliber. His $4.25 million deal justifies that fact. This huge deal forced Singer to stay with the Royals rather than going back to Florida. This $4.25 million is way more than the slot value of any No. 18 pick.

    Brady believed that this was a result of the continuous effort of his mom and dad. He wanted to thank his parents in just the best way possible. And he did it with a phenomenal gesture.

    Source- People

    Singer posted a beautiful crying out loud video on his Twitter handle. The video starts with his mother holding a red envelope which his son gave him. He slowly begins to read the letter which brought tears to her eyes. Brady wrote how his parents spent their each and every dime on his future. The letter was a heartful acknowledgment to his parents’ effort and dedication which helped him reach his dreams.

    And then suddenly, his mom and dad burst into tears when they realized that Brady has wiped off their entire debt. If this doesn’t make him famous, what will?

    Source- TMZ
    Source- Sporting News

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