Bradley Cooper is one of the A-list stars in Hollywood whose name will always be remembered by fans. But this was only true for the actor after his biggest break, which happened in 2009. In fact, he once had to sign Matthew McConaughey’s name for a fan of the actor.

Bradley Cooper made his acting debut in 1999 on the sitcom S*x and the City, where he had a recurring role. During his long and successful career, the actor has worked on TV, in movies, and on Broadway. But the comedy Hangover, which came out in 2009, was his biggest hit.


In 2008, Bradley Cooper went on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and told a funny story about a fan of Matthew McConaughey.

Bradley Cooper

During the show, the host talked about how Cooper was in five movies that year and how everyone must now know who he is. To this, the actor said,

Yeah, so, maybe, but they’re not

and started laughing and said that he can live in peace and remain anonymous.

Cooper also talked about a time when he thought he was being recognized, but it turned out to be for his co-star, Matthew McConaughey, in Failure to Launch.

He said,

I did this independent film in Minnesota, and I was at an Applebee’s. This is actually the worst way to get recognised.

He continued,

This woman came up to me and she was so nervous, and she said, ‘O my god. You’re in that movie, Failure to Launch?’ I said, ‘Yeah’. [She said,] ‘With Matthew McConaughey?’ and I said, ‘Yeah.’

The woman then asked the actor,

Can I get your autograph?

to which an elated Bradley said,

Absolutely, absolutely, do you have a pen? What’s your name?” As the actor wrote it down and handed the autograph to the woman, the latter said, “Oh no, no. Can you write Matthew?

As the crowd laughed, the actor from Silver Linings Playbook went on,

I was like, ‘Oh, but I’m not Matthew’ and she was like, ‘I know, but you were next to him [so] that’s okay.’

In the end, Bradley Cooper said that he did what was asked of him and signed on as the star of Interstellar.