The Boston Red Sox team planned to have their victory celebration at the White House. However, the manager of the team said that it’s not yet finalized. The team had a fresh off World Series win and wanted to have the grandest celebration possible.

The Red Sox emerged champion after crashing Los Angeles Dodgers by 5-1. The manager, Alex Cora had an interview with the reporters where he made statements about the team meeting with Donald Trump and having a conversation later on.

Source- The Boston Globe

Alex Cora has been critical of Mr. President for a long while now. When two hurricanes hit the island of Puerto Rico, Trump made a disrespectful tweet, saying that there were only 6-18 deaths, rather than 3000, as claimed by the Democrats.

Cora slammed the President for making the death toll a political issue. Cora has clearly said that he never agrees with a majority of Trump’s statements. But he can do nothing about it because Trump is “the president of the United States.”

Source- Fox News