Boruto episode 107 plot release date spoilers

Episode 107 of Boruto will continue on the mission of Mirai, Kakashi, and Guy. The last release featured chunin getting all beefed up for a mission that was meant to be bigger than the S-Rank.

Boruto Episode 107: Plot

‘Boruto’ Episode 107- Plot

Fans shouldn’t be expecting heavy action or intense fighting scenes in episode 107 of Boruto. But the episode will raise an important question which is it Hidan is alive or not.

Mirai’s father was killed by Hidan which makes all of it more important. Boruto’s trailer of the episode hints Hidan being the part of this narrative with no time period will it continue. Nonetheless, it’s worth exploring knowing Hidan hides many secrets about his technique and the ability to give immortality to users.

Boruto Episode 107 Spoilers

‘Boruto’ Episode 107- Spoilers

Before the assassin was killed by Shikamaru, he made a promise to never die. Even if he gets destroyed entirely and his body is in ruins or he’s left with no more but the head, he will find an easy way to bite back Shikamaru. Talking about the plot of  Boruto episode 107, it seems as if we will see Kiba also joining the three.

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It was also revealed by the trailer that the episode will feature a mock battle by the Land or Steam denizens which will fall in accordance with the festival. Being divided into a couple of factions wearing masks, they have managed to associate themselves with it. It looks like Kiba will head the whole canine faction while the feline group shall be spearheaded by his girlfriend.

Boruto Episode 107 release date

Boruto 107 will release on May 19. Stay tuned for more.