Episode 104 of Boruto will lead into an all-new arc. Prior to that, Team 7 will take on new missions, meeting a friend and adding someone to the group.

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Boruto Episode 104 Spoilers

'Boruto' Episode 104- Spoilers

As per the Boruto episode 104 spoilers, Mitsuki, Sarada, and Boruto will arrest a jewel thief. However, while trying for the first time, they will come across a petrified cat.

Boruto episode 104, titled as “Small Co-Inhabitant” or if translated, “A Little Roommate” denotes that the episode will be largely based on the kitten. However, the teasers also suggest that it will help a lot in taking down the thief.

Sarada and Boruto cannot leave the animal all by itself, but they can’t get the kitten home due to their parents. In episode 104 of Boruto, we will see Mitsuki taking the kitten under care although he seems clueless about how to do that as he has just kept snakes under his care.

‘Boruto’ Episode 104: More Focus On Mitsuki

'Boruto' Episode 104- More Focus On Mitsuki

The Boruto 104 preview features Mitsuki offering the kitten some milk, while the kitten is smiling at him. The episode synopsis also suggests that he’d be having a great time taking care of the kitten and will even give it a name.

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Reports state that Boruto 104 will begin an all-new arc which focuses more on Mitsuki. However, all of this is not as comprehensive as the last one. Taking many months to end and now Team 7 will be taking on Lord Ku, where Onoki will die.

However, the link to the all-new arc could be the jewel thief and the upcoming episode seems based more on the synopsis released. Boruto 104 releases on April 28.