Boruto Episode 102 has leaked on the internet, which confirmed that the episode will act as the ultimate release for the mini-arc of Juno.

The entire effort to have rescued the self-imposed outcast has come up over with the three ways split.

Boruto Episode 102: Spoilers

Tosaka has been revealed as the villain, and one shouldn’t be surprised. He’ll be moving all his plans to the Episode 102 of Boruto, as all bad guys won’t do.

As it looks like, the researcher wishes to weaponise Jugo along with the Cursed seal that plagued the whole character in Jugo’s life.

Boruto Episode 102

In order to reach here in Boruto manga, Jugo is injected with a special drug which transforms him into a monster, full of rage, which can’t really be controlled.

Episode 102 of Boruto will feature Karin and Sarada who will fight Sasami, who’s one of the twins with green hair.

Boruto Episode 102: Spoilers

As per the spoilers, the duo will be facing difficulty in going against Sasami as she can control the whole Cursed seal power. Talking about the other twin, Momo, he will be taking hold of the Team 15 in Boruto 102.

Although the three of them are no match for the hero, it’s rumoured that Nue will go against Momo instead.

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Boruto Episode 102- Spoilers

We still don’t know how Nue goes up against Momo and it comes as interesting to see how the writer Kodachi bumps into the power level.

Episode 102 will certainly lay down things for the finale of the series.

So do you think Jugo will be able to cure and track down all birds in Boruto 102? Or will see another arc getting started? All of this is yet to be seen. Talking about the future arc, the ending of the plot will take us to another Mitsuku story arc, which will yet again highlight the degenerating body of the clone.

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Release Date

Boruto 102 will release on 14th April. You may watch it on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Source: EconoTimes, Comicbook