Boruto chapter 79 spoilers and raw scans have revealed a whole new plot twist. The spoilers were released yesterday, and this article has all the much-needed spoilers! So read ahead at your own risk!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Next generation Naruto is a sequel to Naruto.

Boruto chapter 79 Spoilers and Summary

The chapter starts where it left off, with Boruto losing his eyes after Kawaki’s attack. The scar that people saw after the time skip finally got an explanation. The chapter showed a major plot twist that nobody saw coming.

Kawaki tries to hide his Chakra and run from the spies. Shikamaru also launches a search party to find Kawaki. Mitsuki also joins them. Kawaki had escaped with the help of Momoshiki. Using too much energy to mask his chakra exhausts him, and soon, Eida catches up to Kawaki. She holds him and assures him that she is on his side. She asks him to make a wish. Kawaki, with his earnest desire to keep Naruto safe, wishes to exchange his life with Boruto. He wishes to be the son of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata. This would make Boruto an outsider.

This is where the fans can witness the God-like powers of Eida. She holds Kawaki’s face in an embrace, and a magnificent glow engulfs them. Soon, the world changes, Boruto becomes an enemy for killing Naruto, and Kawaki becomes Naruto’s son soon after this incident. Everybody starts to consider Botruto as an enemy of the village. Momoshiki had predicted this long back. He said, “You will lose everything.” The only person who wasn’t affected by Eida’s power is Sharada. In the last few panels, Momoshiki is seen explaining the whole situation to Boruto, who now has to bear the burden of being an outsider and the killer of his father.

Sharada is the Daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. Eida’s powers seems to have not had an effect on Sharada.

Boruto Chapter 79 Release Date and Where to Read Manga Online?

Boruto Chapter 79 will be released on 20th March 2023.

  • JST: 12 AM
  • PST: 7 AM 
  • EST: 10 AM 

Fans can read chapter 79 online on the official website of Viz media and Manga Plus, the official website of Shueisha. Stay updated on Hiptoro about the latest manga and anime.