U.S President Donald Trump in his tweet says that this bomb stuff has largely decelerated the momentum of the candidates of Republic in the election held in midterms for the early voting.



The tweet came between a series of the attempts of mail bombing made on the politicians of the Democratic and also on the critics of Donald Trump. When the two mail bombs were suspected and the number rose to 12, then came the tweet from Donald Trump.

The 12 packages of suspicion include ex-President Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton along with the earlier officials of top intelligence, which later was sent to Trump. Trump exclaims, “Republicans are doing extremely well in the initial voting and even at the polls, but now this ‘bomb stuff’ has come into the picture which has slowed down the momentum and the news is not taking politics.”



“Really unfortunate on seeing this going on. Republicans must step out and cast their vote”. Around 3:30 am, earlier on Friday, CNN was called out by Trump through a tweet which says that this news channel has been blaming Trump constantly for the current series of bombs. There has been no instant comment on Trump’s tweet relating to the bomb stuff.

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Addressing to Sen, an 11th mail bomb had been suspected and found on Friday, said the Authorities. Whereas the 12th package of the bomb was suspected to have been addressed to the former intelligence officer James Clapper. It had been found in a postal service facility of U.S in Manhattan. The very first package contained explosives that were discovered on Monday.



It was sent in New York to the Westchester Country which is the home of a Billionaire named, George Soros. He is a philanthropist. Later on Tuesday, a pipe bomb was found by the Secret Service that was sent in a package and was addressed to Hilary Clinton at her County home in Westchester.

Source: CNBC