From maintaining a thin, almost unhealthy body to the promotion of harmful diet culture to body shaming, there’s a lifetime of conditioning to undo. Body-positive activists are encouraging people to embrace their bodies, and one of them chipping away decades’ worth of conditioning is Katie Sturino, a body positivity advocate, and entrepreneur whose ‘Make My Size’ and ‘Supersize The Look’ content series have been going viral ever since she started them. Sturino has long been encouraging women to embrace their bodies and style instead of chasing after unrealistic and unhealthy body images.

She has created two content series titled ‘Make My Size’ and ‘Supersize The Look’ that helps women to embrace their body and style. The latter series involved recreating styles and clothes that celebrities wore and made it to magazine covers and page threes. It’s no secret that social media accounts and entertainment magazines and websites celebrate thin women and not to mention that a majority of women that become faces of brands and movies are mostly thin and fair. While recent times have seen increased representation, there is still a long way to go. As part of her series, Katie recreates the same looks that feature celebrities in magazine covers and newspapers. Her idea was to show that anyone could pull off their style and that one only needed the confidence to do so.

Sturino has been encouraging women to embrace their bodies and style instead of chasing after unhealthy body images.

“I see your ‘but I can’t wear a crop top’ and raise you ‘yeah you can! and you can wear leather pants TOO!’” she recently  wrote to her 680k followers on Instagram, reminding them that “it’s never about who wore it better because that mindset just keeps us down.” Below, we selected some of her most recent stunning looks that will serve as a great inspiration for your spring dress outfits.

#1 Nina Dobrev

Social media has emphasized the concept of empowerment and so the body-positive movement has had particular relevance. No wonder that recently, there’s been a rise in plus-size influencers on social media who use their platform to advocate body positivity. Such curvy influencers have gained hundreds of thousands, some even millions of devoted followers, proving just how mainly well received and relevant their content is. Think of Katie Sturino, Ashley Graham, Charli Howard, Tess Holiday, to name just a few. Pua’Nani Owens, whom we contacted to speak about the body positivity and inclusivity movement on social media, is one of these inspiring women.

#2 Sophia Bush


#3 Sophia Bush

“When it comes to fashion and style, curvy women face challenges just like any other woman,” Pua’Nani Owens, a curvy lifestyle influencer and blogger originally from Hawaii, told us. She explained that what makes plus-size women’s challenges different is finding a fashion brand that includes their sizes with clothing specifically made for curvy bodies.

“What I mean is that you can’t take a size 4 dress and just make it wider. The same care for pattern-work and sewing that is put into straight-sized clothing must also be put into plus-size clothing without breaking the bank. That being said, we also sometimes struggle with the type of fashion styles that are available to us,” Pua explained and added that in recent years, many brands have become way more inclusive with styles and sizing.

#4 Kate Middleton

#5 Sofia Richie

#6 Katie Holmes

Having said that, Pua believes that we’ve still got a long way to go. “That’s why more curvy girls and guys need to embrace who they are so that we as a community can be seen and embraced as individuals. Everybody deserves the fashion they desire,” she said.

The curvy lifestyle influencer argues that body positivity is crucial for not only curvy women, but women and men of all sizes: “it’s just that curvy bodies are currently leading the way with the movement.” According to Pua, true body positivity starts on the inside and with each individual person.

“Body positivity comes from evolving as a person so that you can accept yourself. Evolving through self-esteem, self-confidence, and realizing your worth outside of what your body can physically or visually offer others, and instead what your body can do for you. We can all love ourselves a little more, that way we can love and accept each other as a community within society,” she explained.

#7 Vanessa Hudgens

#8 Christina Najjar

#9 Karlie Kloss

Pua also told us that there are literally thousands of curvy influencers and plus-size fashionistas on every social media platform. “The very representation of girls with bodies like me is what gave me the courage to claim my spot as a curvy lifestyle influencer. What started as a movement to love ourselves turned into a lifestyle of breaking the boundaries of both the beauty and the fashion industry to create and promote inclusivity,” she explained and added that “everybody deserves to feel beautiful no matter where they are in their journey. This is why body positivity and inclusivity are so important.”

#10 Benito Skinner

#11 Olivia Wilde

#12 Tia Mowry

#13 Meghan Markle

#14 Blake Lively

#15 Hailey Bieber

#16 Sara Foster

#17 Kourtney Kardashian

#18 Lady Gaga

#19 Hailey Bieber

#20 Meryl Streep

#21 Gwyneth Paltrow

#22 Karlie Kloss

#23 Kate Beckinsale

#24 Padma Lakshmi

#25 Remi Jo #26 Hailey Bieber

#27 Anne Hathaway

#28 Zoë Kravitz

#29 Kaia Gerber

#30 Olivia Holt