Jeff Bezos, chairman of Amazon and founder of Blue Origin, unveiled a model of the small lunar rover. On Thursday, Jeff revealed the face of “Blue Moon,” the first robotic lunar lander. It is reportedly to convey the construction supplies required to build the first manned lunar base of United States.

Jeff Bezos called media for an exclusive presentation on Blue Moon. He unveiled the same sized model of the massive lander before the space industry executives. Blue Moon is a Lunar Lander designed for NASA’s Moon Mission 2024

“This vehicle is going to the Moon,” said Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin vs Elon Musk’s Tesla

Jeff Bezos’ announcement of Blue Origin’s first lunar lander, Blue Moon, stirs the rivalry with Elon Musk. While Jeff Bezos is all set to beat Elon Musk in mission moon, Elon Musk pokes fun at him with a wink.

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Elon Musk seemed to braced up wit and sarcasm during the announcement of the spacecraft by Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk’s thoughts continued to flow on his twitter timeline. His followers beamed in joy and added fun to his mockery.

A “friendlier jab” by Elon Musk

Giving a friendly jab, Elon Musked tweeted to Jezz Bezos,

“Oh stop teasing, Jeff,”

accompanied by a winking smiley emoticon.

Elon Musk posted an altered picture of the Blue Origin spacecraft, with a tongue-in-cheek reference, that read, “Blue Balls” instead of “Blue Moon,” on his Twitter account.

Elon Musk’s off-the-charts “Blue Balls” tweet went viral!

Elon Musk’s not the first dig at Jeff Bezos

With SpaceX under his leadership, Elon Musk aims to launch satellites into space to provide internet access to the areas that are currently without access.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin holds a fierce competition with SpaceX and aims to provide launch satellites first.

Blue Origin announced by Jeff Bezos

Last month, when Blue Origin made an announcement about its Project Kuiper, Elon Musk tweeted “copycat” referring to Jeff Bezos.

Oh! This man never fails to amaze us.

Hail Elon Musk!