A guide dog not only take the responsibility of helping a human with visual disabilities. But they also help their canines friends who have vision impairments. The guide dog will show them the way to lead a normal life even when they have darkness in their life.

Today, we want you to meet Tao, a 10-year-old golden retriever who suffered from glaucoma which suddenly made him blind. Glaucoma is a condition in which the never

Meet Tao — the Golden Retriever who was given a seeing-eye puppy to help him navigate the world

Concerned, she took him to the vet that evening, where he was quickly given a diagnosis. They had no choice but to remove Tao’s eye to stop the pain.

So, in preparation for the inevitable, Melanie taught Tao all that she could to prepare him for complete blindness, and 11 months later Tao’s second eye was removed.

However, everything changed when Oko came into his life.

Oko is Tao’s very own guide dog, helping him get around, making day-to-day life so much easier for elderly Tao.

Their bond is inseparable and is spreading smiles on many faces.

The cuteness levels are off the scales over there! With photos and videos of Oko taking Tao for walks, all by himself, holding his lead.

The great friendship of Oko and Tao is gaining popularity on social media platforms and have constantly growing followers.

Although Oko is still very much in training, he has made the world of difference to Tao life by making things easier and safer. We wish the two a life-long friendship and all the best in the future.

Melanie is trying to share awareness about Tao condition with everyone who follows their account on social media. She has also worked with  The Kennel Club to use Tao’s DNA as a “marker”  to identify similar conditions in other dogs.

Glaucoma doesn’t have to be a definite loss of vision outcome – it can be an entirely preventable condition if it is caught and diagnosed early enough. In fact, it can be easily preventable if diagnosed in an early enough stage.

And of course, if you’re interested in following their amazing journey head over to their Instagram @tao_mr_winky!