Blind Golden Retriever Gets Adorable "Seeing Eye" Puppy

No doubt, that dogs and humans share a strong bond. Dogs always put all their efforts to help the hooman and in return, people, too take care of their furry canines nicely. But, at times when we read the story of a human-doggo duo, we are left in tears. And we have a very similar story of a blind golden retriever who got such an adorable “seeing eye” puppy.

Adam purchased a retriever puppy in 2008 and named it “Charlie”. Through the years, Charlie became an important life Later Adam got married to Chelsea and both of them took care of Charlie together. Now a question that arises is how the doggo became blind. So, scroll down and have an insight into his story.

Story of Charlie- the golden retriever

The Blind Golden Retriever Charlie

So, in 2016, Charlie developed glaucoma in his left eye. And this disease caused a lot of pain in poor Charlie’s eyes. And the outcomes of the treatment were not so good. This eventually left the poor golden retriever with one eye. However, he managed to live with his one eye and adap[ted well.

But, the happiness didn’t remain for long with him as in the next year, 2017 glaucoma affected his right eye as well. Thus, Charlie was left blind forever. But, thee little bundle of joy didn’t lose hopes and continued to lead a better life.

Charlie got another retriever as a companion

Charlie got another golden retriever as a companion

Then, on New Years Day, the couple decided to get another pup. They were expecting a bay at that time, so they wanted their child to grow up with a doggy. So, they brought a 4-months-old puppy at the home and named it Maverick. However, they were quite unsure about the relationship between the two dogs. But, at first sight, Charlie was not at all fascinated to meet another furry puppy at their home. But, gradually the two doggos started playing together. Also, Maverick realized that there was something different about his fellow golden retriever. And he figured out that Charlie was blind. So, he started taking extra care of his companion.

Maverick helped Charlie in every possible way

Maverick helped Charlie in every possible way

When they played Charlie would lose track of the toy they were playing with. So, Maverick started to put the toy back in front of Charlie to re-initiate the game.

Maverick also helps guide Charlie during walks. They often walk side-by-side like a pair of sled dogs according to Chelsea. Maverick helps to guide Charlie inside and outside the home, helping Charlie feel more comfortable in new situations. Maverick helps Charlie with everything from walking, to playing, to eating. Indeed, Maverick even doubles as a pillow for Charlie’s head at times.

Sadly, Charlie passed away in July 2019. But you can still find more about the two retriever dogs on Instagram. We know that you probably have tears in your eyes right no. These two dogs leave a great lesson for all of us to always help our friends and acquaintances whenever they need us. If you have any such emotional stories, do share them with us in the comments section below.