Bleach TYBW Season 2 is back in action with its new trailer release. After a hiatus of ten years, Tite Kubo’s Bleach Season 2: The Separation Cour 2, produced by Studio Pierrot, is scheduled to be released this summer.

A fresh key image was posted by Viz Media on May 28th, in which Ichigo and Ishiga are standing on different routes.

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Bleach TYBW Season 2 New Release Date, Key Image Released
Bleach TYBW Season 2: New Key Visual posted officially by VIZ Media

Bleach TYBW Season 2: Trailer Release

Bleach TYBW Season 2 trailer, which was recently released, picks from where the first season finished. Along with Uryu Ishida’s association with Yhwach. The Sternritters weren’t pleased upon hearing that. Additionally, Soul Repears and Quincies are preparing for their bloody confrontation for the second time.

Watch the latest trailer for Bleach TYBW Season 2:

Season 2 New Cast Revealed

In the most recent clip, we got a peek at a few unknown faces. The creators have revealed that the Bleach anime series would incorporate sequences that did not appear in the original manga.

Bleach TYBW Season 2 New Release Date, Key Image Released
Bleach TYBW Season 2

Let’s take a quick look at the new cast of Season 2.

Aoi Yūki will voice Sternritters ‘G’ Liltotto Lamperd.  Sternritter ‘M’ Gerard Valkyrie will be voiced by Tsuyoshi Koyama, as confirmed by the producers. Finally, Sichiro Hoshi will take on the voice of Sternritter ‘W’ Nianzol Weizol. They are all known for their previous works in some recommended animes, namely, Rent a Girlfriend, IDOLISH 7, Kuroko No Basket, 7SEEDS, and Spy Classroom, respectively.

Season 2: New Opening Theme

The upcoming opening theme for the Bleach anime series will be “STARS” by w.o.d, a three-member rock band. The same song was used in the trailer as well.

Bleach TYBW Season 2: Release Date

Bleach TYBW Season 2 will be released on July 8th, 2023. The first episode of Season 2 will be released at 7.30 am PDT.

Bleach Season 2: Watch Online

Bleach Season 2 will premiere with subtitles in several other languages, that include English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, and Italian. You can watch the latest season of Bleach TYBW Season 2 on online streaming platforms Hulu and Disney+.