Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s vacation is over. The pop singer charmed the sportscasters in Fox’s broadcast booth during NASCAR’s Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum in Los Angeles on Feb. 5, picking a winner, telling a story about meeting one of them when he was drunk, and boasting that she was a better driver than her husband. She was the last person race watchers expected to see providing car commentary.

We heard that there were significantly fewer laughs when she was back in her spectator seat next to Blake.

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Gwen Stefani

“They looked miserable,” said an observer, noting that the smiley selfies Gwen posted on Instagram didn’t give a full picture of their time at the event.

“Things just seemed really tense,” an insider spilled. has discovered that Gwen and Blake have been experiencing marriage struggles.

Blake Shelton

“When they started dating, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other,” said the pal of Gwen and Blake, who tied the knot in 2021. “But the spark started disappearing after their wedding. It seems like they argue constantly now — they’ve even slept in separate bedrooms after particularly bad fights.

“Friends are worried Gwen and Blake are falling out of love.”

Workplace conflict hasn’t helped. The couple faced difficulties even though they enjoyed the ease and novelty of performing together on The Voice, where they first met in 2014.


According to the source, Blake, 46, and Gwen, 53, “played it sweet for the cameras as when they were both coaches, but there was sometimes an ego conflict behind the scenes. He frequently received all the focus. That would irritate her because she was envious.

However, Gwen has since left the music competition program, and in October, Blake declared that the following season, his 23rd, which premieres on March 6, would be his last.

The source claimed that “he’s been burned out.”