Black Mirror season 6 release date

Black Mirror Season 6 is in talks ever since the fifth season was released by Netflix. Even though the current season hasn’t received the expected reviews, it doesn’t mean that fans don’t want another season. The anthology series has a lot of fan following all around the world.

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Even though it hasn’t been announced, reports say that there will be a Black Mirror Season 6. Here are all the rumors and speculations about the upcoming sixth season.

Black Mirror Season 6 Release date

The first ever Black Mirror episode was released way back in December 2011 on the British network channel 4. After the first 2 seasons, it was picked up by Netflix and there has been almost a season every year ever since. It puts Black Mirror Season 6 to be released somewhere around the end of the year 2020.

Given how the makers take their time, and all episodes are not connected, the production takes a longer time. Season 6 episode 1 might even get delayed to release in the middle of 2021.

Stories in Season 6

All of the episodes are written by Charlie Brooker and he might also write for season 6. Technology and humanity are always the main themes of the show, along with how major institutes are corrupted. Some reports say that next season of Black Mirror could feature an episode focusing on 2020 US Presidential elections. While other rumors suggest that Black Mirror season 6 would not be set in the future, and could be retro past instead.

More Interactive Specials

Last year, Netflix surprised everyone with one of the first interactive feature in the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch film. It was a huge success, and most of the viewers liked it. It would not be a surprise if there are more of such choose your own adventure specials before a season 6.