Black Mirror Bandersnatch Secret Ending FOUND; Here’s How You Can Watch it

    ‘Black Mirror- Bandersnatch’- What's The Secret Ending With A Crazy Easter Egg?

    So in case, you’ve spent a lot of time on Black Mirror Bandersnatch, you must be stuck wondering if the story actually ever ends. We ran a run-through that went for over two hours on Bandersnatch. Your choices cause the plot to fold back as Bandersnatch keeps us going back to New Paths.

    Black Mirror Bandersnatch: Is There A Secret Ending?

    ‘Black Mirror- Bandersnatch’- Is There A Secret Ending?

    However, there are some good endings in this craziness. And you’ll be aware about them once you finish your options. The end credits will roll and if you wish to go on exploring, you will have to begin from the start of Black Mirror Bandersnatch with all-new viewing.

    This takes place in 2 of the 5 endings we come across in Bandersnatch. If you’re very lucky or smart, you may find a secret bonus ending once the credits come out after Black Mirror Bandersnatch.

    The craziest thing about this post-credits scene is that no one has yet figured how to find it in Black Mirror Bandersnatch, although many have come across it incidentally. We may be one of them who found it accidentally. However, by tracking our choices, we have figured a way to figure the sequence of our choices that will trigger the whole sequence scene. If you wish to know how it’s done, scroll down to find out.

    Black Mirror Bandersnatch: Secret Ending and Easter Egg

    ‘Black Mirror- Bandersnatch’- Secret Ending and Easter Egg

    What this extra has is extremely fascinating. We come across Stefan back on the bus he took while visiting Tuckersoft at the start of Black Mirror Bandersnatch. However, he doesn’t choose a tape to listen to. Instead, he gets a tape of his finished game, also titled Bandersnatch.

    Once the tape is done playing, the scene gets over. This is extremely weird. No one knew what this meant, but some found it as actual data, the tape being ZX Spectrum computer. This is the same computer that Stefan makes his game on in Bandersnatch.

    So those individuals ran the audio through an emulator, which gave out a QR code, looking like this:


    Once you scan the code in Black Mirror Bandersnatch, you’ll be taken to a hidden page, which was once a useless website for Tuckersoft. This also gives away other unseen Tuckersoft games, not seen in Bandersnatch. The last page on the website also says “changed interactive entertainment forever.”

    The huge easter egg came when you go to the “Nohzodyve page”, from where you can download the game, although you may need a ZX emulator to play the game. But that’s easy to find. The Spectacol Android App can be used to load the game on Google Pixelbook. “Nohzodyve” is an arcade game for free but good for a free promo game.

    How to find the secret ending

    How to find the secret ending in Bandersnatch

    After watching Black Mirror Bandersnatch multiple times, we got the secret scene. We kept track of all our decisions in Bandersnatch and while trying it the second time, it still worked. So without wasting any more time, here’s the exact sequence of choices made:

    Sugar puffs
    Thompson twins
    Go back
    The Bermuda Triangle
    Shout at Dad
    Visit Dr. Haynes
    Pull Earlobe
    Take them
    Follow Colin
    Go back
    Flush them
    Hit desk
    Pick up book
    Throw tea over computer
    Who’s there?
    Try to explain
    Tell him more
    Fuck yeah
    Fight her
    Kick him in the balls
    Who’s there?
    White Bear symbol
    Back off
    Kill dad
    Bury body
    He jumped
    Chop or bury?
    Chop up body
    Destroy computer
    Pick up photo
    White Bear symbol
    Chop up body
    Destroy computer
    Get rabbit from dad
    White Bear symbol
    Chop up body
    Destroy computer
    Get rabbit from dad

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