Are the Black Friday TV deals really as good as they seem? Read more to find out about the Black Friday sales and what you should buy.

With Christmas and New Year approaching, the holiday season is on its way. Shopping is something that one cannot stay away from during the holiday season and thankfully, Black Friday 2022 is around the corner.

Black Friday TV deals

Millions of Americans are all set to rush to the multinational corporations that will offer amazing deals on Black Friday. You should definitely benefit from the amazing deals offered by the giant retail outlets on Black Friday. But there is one thing that you certainly wouldn’t want to do. You wouldn’t want to buy a TV on Black Friday.

Why you should NOT buy a smart TV in Black Friday 2022 sale

The retail giants not only have to deal with competition, but they also have to satisfy the deal-grubbing bloodlust of the public. In order to cope with the two, manufacturers take to producing derivative models or scaled-back versions of the products with fewer features.

It’s not just the off-brand Jumbotron, but all the big brands including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and all the rest also choose such dishonest strategies. If you would look carefully, you would notice that the Black Friday TV deals and offers are limited to certain models.

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Black Friday TV sale

However, the consumers only focus on getting a giant screen with a decent price and brand. They are certainly other important things that make a TV worse such as color accuracy, low refresh rates, high input lag, fewer HDMI ports, and poor black levels to name a few.