Black Clover episode 88 might show us that the Royal Knights will start the attack. And they will do it on the hideout of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. So, fans who have already read the manga can await some exciting events in the series.

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Black Clover episode 88 plot

So, before any heavy action, Mereoleona divides the Royal Knights into five different teams. Zora and Asta start arguing that they should be in diverse teams. But, Mereoleona orders that both of them will be in her team in Black Clover episode 88.

Mereoleona’s team are going through thrilling scenes with their interaction with Rhya. Rhya is an Eye of the Midnight Sun’s member. And he is well known for his Imitation magic. So, we can expect this power’s execution in Black Clover episode 88.

At some point in in the upcoming episode, both the Astas will appear at the same place and same time. And both of them try to convince that they are the real Asta. So, Mereoleona sets both of them on fire to solve the confusion. But, thankfully, because of the Antimagic powers of the real Asta, he will be unburnt.

But, this will also reveal that the other one is an imposter and actually, Rhya. Remember, Imitation Magic?

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When is the next episode going to release?

In the manga, Rhya uses Yami’s spell in his fight against Zora, Asta, and Mereoleona. So, this might be a part of the upcoming episode. But, we might not get to see the conclusion of the entire fight just in the next episode itself. We will get to see Rhya imitating other powers such as Demon Slayer sword of Asta. The next episode is going to release on 18 June 2019.