Black Clover Chapter 207 release date spoilers manga

The best part about Black Clover manga is Asta being able to surprise all in all problematic situations. Obviously, we are talking about anti-magic. The same took place at the end of Black Clover chapter 206.

This post may contain spoilers, so if you’re a fan avoiding them, we ask you to go no further.

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Black Clover Chapter 207: Predictions

Black Clover Chapter 207- Predictions

The previous chapter saw many reunions. Lumiere and demon reunited while Litch also joined with Lumiere. The chapter will see many exciting developments. For instance, how Litch was easily woken up from his unconscious state.

Chapter 206 saw Yuno and Asta taken aback after seeing the wizard king. Both of them idolize him, and they thought him to be dead. An intense fight took place between Lumiere and Litch and the Demon. The demon requires to be serious with all he has if he really wants to take down his enemies.

Black Clover Chapter 207: Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 207- Spoilers

According to the leaked spoilers so far, Black Clover chapter 207 will see Asta using anti-magic, which will help a lot in taking down the demon as we noticed in the previous chapter.

It’ll be interesting to see how Lumiere reacts to Asta’s anti-magic ability in Black Clover 207. Yami will be needing to create some impact in taking out the demon.

Black Clover Chapter 207: Release Date

Black Clover 207 will come out on June 2. Fans may read it on the Manga Plus app.