Bitcoin Scam : Beware of Fake BBC News Page


    Bitcoin scam has been doing the rounds over the past few weeks. The scam apparently is delivered through mails.

    This is because of the weakness in the accounts in Hotmail or Live mail. The victims of this scam receive a mail that is legitimate looking.

    Bitcoin Scam : Fake BBC Website’s Link

    The legitimate mail of the scam mimics the usual mail which the victim is expecting to receive. This makes the scam look even more real.

    The email contains a link that redirects the customer to a website of BBC which is the news web page.

    This news web page is extremely genuine looking. It features an article which is known as “Panorama: Who Wants To Be a Bitcoin Millionaire.”

    Majority of the customers on reaching this page usually realise that something is wrong and suspicious. They are great probabilities that they exit the web page then.

    Fake BBC site

    However, there is still a small fraction of people who fail to realize this and they are drawn in by the the fake web page of BBC.

    Fake BBC site redirects to a new url

    They then end up clicking further on the fake news web page of BBC which redirects them to a site with URL The site is named as “Bitcoin Trader.”

    The scammed website has a close resemblance with the format of Bitcoin Revolution scam. This prominent scam site is doing the rounds for quite some time.

    There is a great probability that this fake BBC site has been created by the same scammers who have created the Bitcoin Revolution Scam.

    Bitcoin scam

    Like before this fake BBC website scam also makes attempts to catch in victims by making promises of returns that are unrealistic.

    Theses scammers of fake BBC website try to lure the victims in order to get them depositing money into investment schemes.

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