Bitcoin Price Update

All the investors that are investing in cryptocurrencies, would be really happy to see that Bitcoin price has achieved some real heights in recent times.

The Bitcoin price has climbed above $6400 on Friday for the first time after a weak performance this year. The bitcoin trade was getting stagnant and not many people were interested in investing or trading.

Bitcoin Price Update

Bitcoin Price on the climb

On Friday the price went past $6426.83, with a 12% increase in the price from the past week.

This new personal best for the year by Bitcoin is going to affect the cryptocurrency trade in a really good way. People will start thinking to invest and trade in cryptocurrency again.

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I remember that in late 2017 bitcoin price climbed up to $20,000 which was massive and which enhanced the trade of all cryptocurrencies. We would again be able to see higher trade rates and a more active market.

From some years, bitcoin was only available cryptocurrency. People were not impressed enough to invest or trade Bitcoin, because its price was insignificant. But now this surge in market value and the direct climb of 12% could be seen as a new beginning.


A number of cryptocurrency gurus have spoken on this sudden bounce of bitcoin market value.

Some traders are saying that this could be the new birth of bitcoin trade and going to achieve new heights. While others are saying that this surge is not going to be forever, the price is going to decrease again. For more updates on the crypto-market, stay tuned to Hiptoro.