Bitcoin price rise

Understanding Bitcoins for some is like breaking the Da Vinci Code. Always in news for reasons both good and bad, this electronic currency has got more chambers of secrets than Harry Potter can ever find out.

The latest to take all of us by surprise about Bitcoin is that this currency in just 24 hours has surged by a whopping $1000. The surge in its value overnight, in fact, a result of steady gains for over seven weeks. This cryptocurrency is not any Usain Bolt; though its jump has for sure caught us all off guard.

Bitcoin experts and their theories

While the news has already spread like a wildfire, trade zombies are busy sharing their theories on what could possibly the reason behind this fast and furious jump .

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Bitcoin experts say that the surge is a result of Consensus 2019 Bitcoin unfolding in the heart of New York some time this week. These experts have signalled at the recent announcements made by giant investors such as Fidelity Investments. A slew of other good news related to BTC could also be another reason.

Bitcoin experts and other future expectations

Other experts are expressing more and more future possibilities. Some say that these gains are just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to come yet.

“If we see institutions begin to pump serious money into the market, we could be at the start of a very long bull run for crypto assets,” said an expert.