Bitcoin Price to double within weeks; renowed analyst claims $BTC Bull run

    Bitcoin Could Surge To $5000 In Coming Weeks, Analyst Claims
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    After the positive volatility that the markets experienced on Friday, Bitcoin price has finally found some stability in the $3,600 region. This is a direct signal that the bulls are just not ready to surrender the recent gains of the cryptocurrency.

    Bitcoin Could Surge To $5000 In Coming Weeks, Analyst Claims

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    Now, one of the analysts has come out and made a claim that Bitcoin price will be able to surge past the $5000 mark in the coming weeks. This claim comes on the base of the more bullish technical form that has been developing in the formation of the cryptocurrency.

    Analyst: $BTC to soon surge to $5000

    Bitcoin Could Surge To $5000 In Coming Weeks, Analyst Claims

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    As of late, we have seen that Bitcoin has been experiencing volatility on the weekends. This has been typically setting the stone for the proceeding weeks.

    Even after facing such volatility, $BTC has seen its least volatile weekend in a long time. This can potentially signal that Bitcoin might have found some stability in the current price levels.

    Even though the markets are very quiet. Mitoshi Kaku, a very popular cryptocurrency trader on the social media application Twitter, has claimed that he will not be surprised if $BTC price was to see a surge. And it would surge all the way to $5000 in the coming ten days.

    However, another popular crypto analyst on Twitter, UB, has said that he is waiting for Bitcoin price to fall a bit before entering any long positions. He has set the target price around the region of $BTC’s low in the low. This is below the $3,500 mark.

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