Birmingham Airport Evacuation reason cause

Birmingham airport became a scene of a mass evacuation a few minutes ago as thousands of people flock to emergency gates to get out of the building.

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What’s happening at Birmingham airport?

Reports have stated that fire alarms are ringing throughout the airport and as a result passengers and their next of kin are flocking to the emergency gates to get away from the source of danger.

We are being told that thousands of people are currently being evacuated from the airport terminal. Moreover, passengers from airplanes are still stuck on the tarmac waiting for their turn to leave.

It appears that the alarm started going off at around 2 p.m. this afternoon and soon after chaos ensued. Several passengers have started tweeting about the event.

Photos of the event have also been uploaded, and the mass evacuation scene is clearly visible. One of the passengers uploaded a video in which fire alarms can be heard blaring in the background while the airport staff is telling travelers to leave immediately. Several passengers can be seen milling around outside the tarmac.

Tweets from passengers

One of the passengers complained about the situation and tweeted: “Just about to leave and the fire alarm goes off at Birmingham airport evacuating the whole building…great start to the holiday.”

Some other passengers have been complaining about the organization level of the airport staff. One of them said, “They are so disorganized it’s a joke they need to sort the communication out it took them at least 20minz after the fire alarm went off to tell us all we needed to leave then when we left it was even worse as they didn’t know what they were doing or where they were taking us they need to train staff better…. we are all no sat by an airplane not knowing anything at all.”

Some others have also complained about not being led out of the building from emergency exits immediately. One of them said,” When there’s a fire alarm at Birmingham Airport, and they 3ib5 let us out of the emergency exit… Messages from family not being let out of exits Birmingham Airport fire alarms are going @BirminghamAirpo haven’t we learned lessons before.”

Fire department called

The call to West Midlands Fire Service Control was made at around 2:00 p.m. after which fire trucks were sent to the site. Two fire engines seem to have arrived at the airport to establish the cause of the fire alarms as well as take care of any disturbance. Emergency services are also looking into the matter as we speak.

Birmingham Airport Evacuation

A spokesperson from the fire station said, “We don’t know exactly what it is yet, but we think it’s a possible electrical fire or it could just be smoke.”