The Mass Effect series has seen major downfall after the success of the first few titles. The third title in the series was well received due to good storyline and characters.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda was a failure because of poor character design, clunky user interface, bland mission, and unconvincing animations. The game was received poorly among fans but the sales tell that fans want more from the Mass Effect Series.

So here we take a look at what Bioware should improve in the next Mass Effect 5.

1.Comeback to Milky Way Galaxy

The next Mass Effect 5 should pick up the story after Mass Effect 3 and detail it further.

The Mass Effect: Andromeda has no meaningful storyline as it looked forced. If developers want to please their player base then they need to bring the storyline back to its root.

2.Create a compelling villain

The Andromeda also failed due to its weaker villain. The game never emphasized upon the motives and the reason why he is doing something.

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Mass Effect 5’s villain should send a message back home.

3.Improve Facial Animations

When the game launched every one criticized Mass Effect: Andromeda for its lifeless and weird facial animation.

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Mass Effect 5 Release Date

After this incident news broke that the publisher EA specifically developers not to work on facial animations. EA wanted the developers to work on gunplay and vehicle mechanics which led to the low quality of facial animation.

4.A fresh take on the storyline

Bioware has used empowerment and escapism the center of every narrative in the series. All storyline is based on the fact the main character is the chosen one and center of the universe.

Mass Effect 5 player base needs some out of the box-narrative for the next game.

5.Better Conversation System

Even though the conversation system of  the game was good enough but can be improved since the choices are limited and not based on sentiments.

These are somethings that Bioware can improve and we hope the next Mass Effect:5 will bring the series back to its glory.