One of the world’s richest men is Bill Gates.

It won’t be the case for a long time if he has anything to do with it.

In an interview with Forbes, the Microsoft co-founder uncovered that he plans to drop off the magazine’s Rich List before he kicks the bucket.

Thanks to an eye-watering $20 billion donation he made to his own philanthropic organization, the Gates Foundation, Gates’ plans to no longer be counted among the world’s billionaires are well underway.

During the interview, the tech magnate noted with pride that his latest donation means he drops one spot to number five in the world, with a net worth of $102 billion sitting outside the foundation.

“I’ll get myself out of the highly visible part of the list with just say two more gifts of this magnitude. I would get myself off the top part of the list,” he continued, adding: “Getting all the way off the list, that’s going to take me a while, but my direction of travel is clear.”

Gates explained that he’s committed to following the example set by Chuck Feeney, the founder of Duty-Free, who dropped off the Forbes 400 list completely.

The fourth richest spot is now Warren Buffet’s, thanks to Gates’ latest donation.

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Jeff Bezos is the current runner-up, while Bernard Arnault is the third richest person. Musk’s net worth is estimated to be $219 billion, making him the leader of the rich list.

According to Forbes, Gates and his ex-wife have given an amount of $55 billion, making them the biggest philanthropists of all time.

In his interview, the Microsoft billionaire explained how the Gates Foundation will increase spending by 50 percent, to $9 billion a year, by 2026.

“This is going to supercharge or accelerate, charge, turbocharge basically all the work that we do,” he told the magazine.