Big Poppa’ – the sad bulldog is all of us cooped up in quarantine

Humans are exhibiting major quarantine blues because they are capable of. But what about the little dogs? They can’t frown as you do. They can’t Netflix and chill. They can’t post a snap saying quarantine and chill.

This is the most understated effect of the lockdown. All the dogs around the world are sad because they can’t play outside. This is the story of one such dog.

Big Poppa is sad-

Big Poppa is the cutest little bulldog. This 3-year-old English dog is from Atlanta, Georgia.

Big Poppa belongs to Rashida Ellis. She is a T.V. and film, costume designer.

She recently posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter. Undoubtedly, the picture was of her dog who was looking at children playing basketball. And he looked incredibly sad.

Internet Sensation-

Social distancing has made it impossible for him to go out for a walk or go out and play.

Like every dog, Poppa loves spending time with other dogs, kids, and adults.

Clearly lockdown has been hard on him.

“The sadness started during the lockdown because Pop would usually go outside and play with some of the children in the courtyard every day and also multiple people would pet him when we walk,” Ellis shared.

“Ever since the lockdown, none of this happens and he tries to get their attention from the patio, but ends up defeated.”

She also shared that this lockdown lifestyle has made Poppa sluggish. With no liberty to go outside, he sleeps more than usual. This energetic dog wasn’t himself.

The sad photo of Poppa went viral rapidly. In fact, people immediately responded. People empathized with Poppa and sent their love.

Ellis shared, “I was very surprised, I woke up like ‘what has happened?’ It makes me feel good that Poppa is receiving so much love. I love sharing him with the world.”

Ellis gained over 650,000 likes along with 72,500 retweets. Big Poppa’s photo received more than 21,000 likes with more than a thousand comments


Written by Faran

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