What is the one thing that we like as much as we love dogs? You can take a wild guess. Could you think of anything? No? Okay, it’s the dog’s snaps. Like who on this earth does not love amazing dog snaps paired with hilarious captions? Of course, everyone likes them because they are so freaking funny. 

Also, the amusing thing about dogs is that they don’t need any specific place or time to show their crazy side. Morning walk? They are ready. Dinner date with a friend? They are with you. Movie night? Count then in.

Luckily, the pet parents are also as spontaneous as the dogs. That’s why they have managed to capture some hilarious and sweet pictures where the furry friends are just being themselves. You can scroll down to check out the amazing snaps of dogs.

1. When the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here…

‘Am so happeh. Ai can’t stop smiling!’ *send help*

2. ‘Hey, he also made us smile in 3 seconds…’

What a good boyyy!!

3. When you are in a long-distance relationship and gotta keep up with their time zones so you could finally talk…

The struggle is real…

4. You know you’re going to have a good day when you have been visited by a cute doggo.

Wait, did you mean the dog at the paw-ffice?

5. Those belly rubs do look fun.

The dog’s having the time of his life.

6. Tell us if this isn’t the cutest moment on the Internet!

No, wait. Don’t tell us. We already know!

7. ‘Now that the deed has been done…’

‘…it’s time to unleash my inner demons.’ -this dog.

8. No one:…Absolutely no one:…Not a single soul:…Me: ‘This is my dog’

Don’t care what people think. They HAVE to see it.

9. On this episode of unusual friendships…

The tortoise looks like it has won the jackpot.

10. ‘Patience. I haz it.’

But why you gotta sit like thattt! ‘Here, take it all!’

11. Know what she needs right now?

An upvote from you guys for sure! C’mon nowww

12. When the sheriff arrests you for being excessively cute.

There’s nothing to worry about. We wish, we wish!

13. ‘I’m ready to go to the vet’, said no dog ever.

But this little guy has it all sorted. At least till he grows up…

14. When you’re a dog and he’s a cheetah but you’ve made it work.

We’re in looovvvee.

15. A love story by destiny…

In this right moment, it was meant to be.

16. Just casually minding its own business…

How can one be mad at those eyes? You tell us!

17. Not everything you do is loved by dogs…


18. Look at that little face growing out of the dog’s leg…

*stares into the void when realizes* OHHHHH

19. Error 404: Escape plan not found.

Like it or not, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

20. Someone: ‘So what breed is your dog?’ Me:

Dayumm! He’s looking sharp.

21. Bless this dog’s heart!

He does make us feel a lot better, even when we weren’t upset.

22. Well, well, well.

How to be a wizard gone wrong.

23. Brace yourself. The judgmental dog is judging you…

‘You disappoint me, hooman!’

24. When you’ve outgrown your mother’s lap but not her heart…

Ain’t nobody taking that front seat from you.

25. Scooby who?

We’ve been howling at this for some time now…

26. How to act when you hit your younger sibling and they stay crying…

Listen here, you little sh*t’

27. Does this dog know what day it is!!!?!

Make way for the pwintsess everyone!

28. We’re afraid that if they spend too much time together…

They might learn from each other. *can’t wait*

29. Wonder if that’s the case when they’re awake as well…

But for right now, they’re like siblings from another dribbling.

30. Getting some yard work done.

What’s wrong with helping mom and dad in the yard anyway? Absolutely nothing. 

31. When you’re mad at your boo but wanna convey a message…

You become a message. Not sure if that works tho.

32. This.

Tell us he searches for enlightenment by chewing!?!

33. Lost in the floof world has never looked better..

Only if he had a minute to tell us how he feels, he wouldn’t waste it.

34. Looking like an old grandpa there!


35. Two’s a team.

They’re truly an eye-candy!