Beyoncé took the responsibility to curate the background score soundtrack for ‘The Lion King: The Gift.’ It truly is a gift to any movie if Queen B herself decides to work for them.

The soundtrack is full of beautiful songs with amazing collaborations with so many artists. These artists are not big names in the industry just yet. But Beyoncé dug them up and did them good.

Beyonce Collaborates for Lion King's album

Beyoncé gives Shatta Wale a significant breakthrough

One of the more known names of the artists on the album was Shatta Wale. He is a Vodafone Ghana Music Award winner and is trying to make it big into the music world.

This recognition from Beyoncé is just what these new singers need at such early points in their careers. It not only pushes their self-esteem but also gives them a name in the mainstream media

The album features many African stars. This theme is followed because the story is set in Africa and the features differents sounds from the land. It was only fair to bring singers in from Africa to do the job then.

Disney released a statement on July 9th in which they said,

“The album will feature a number of global recording artists and steeped in the sounds of Africa.”

Shatta Wale’s Spirit is now available

The lead single from the album which is called Spirit is out, and you can hear it on Spotify or Apple Music. Spirit came out on the red carpet premiere night of the movie itself.

The few other African stars that collaborated on the album are Tekno, Wizkid, Yemi Alade. The album comes out on July 19th with the worldwide release of the movie.

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