Tinder scams have been said to increase by over 25% in the last year. So what is Tinder? What is a tinder scam? And how to keep yourself safe.

Tinder Scam
Tinder dating app

Tinder is an online dating application that helps you find and socialize with potential romantic partners. 2020 to 2022 have been low for many due to covid restrictions and lockdowns, leading many to stay isolated at home. Tinder was reported to have 75 million active users in the year 2022. Scammers did not hesitate to exploit loners even during these harsh times.

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Tinder scams

Tinder scam
Simon Leviev-the tinder swindler

Love truly is blind. It can make a sensible person do insensible things. They are keeping this in mind scammers would do anything to exploit you for their needs. Tinder scams have been the latest hot scam that has shaken the world. This came into the limelight when the criminal called “Tinder swindler” was arrested in 2019. To keep the application safe for millions of users, the dating app has developed many features to track the account’s authenticity. One such feature was to let the users verify the potential match’s account. But scammers also devised a way to deal with this problem.  To help elaborate on this further, here is a list of Tinder scams you must be aware of.

Tinder verification scam 

Tinder does not use a third-party website or application to verify your account. Once a potential match is made, the scammer’s account sends a link to verify your account. Once you open the link, it asks for your details, such as your date of birth, address, and credit card information. The scammers subscribe to adult websites through your credit card when all this is uploaded. Victims of this scam have reported that subscriptions can be up to $120 a month, and it isn’t easy to unsubscribe. The best way to avoid this is to understand that when malicious accounts ask for your personal information, it is best to avoid giving any. Please don’t upload your card details or bank details on any website. Tinder does not ask for your information. When you accept to verify your account, Tinder will look up your other social media sites or use face recognition to identify whether you are a bot or a human-made account.

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Today i was interviewed by BBC Swahili where we talked about Online Romance Scam based on Netflix’s trending show Tinder Swindler. I gave some insights on how people can protect themselves from scammers.

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Tinder bots 

Bot accounts are widespread on Tinder. As we know, applications or brands use chat accounts to help assist you in customer service. Such bots also exist on the Tinder application but are made mainly by scammers and are used to extract your personal information to scam you.