Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy for PC was just released a few days ago. Fans worldwide have eagerly awaited this highly anticipated game, it has already surpassed all previous records for sales on Steam and PlayStation 5. However, fraudsters that provide cracked copies of the videogame for purchase are targeting several Harry Potter fans.

A recent analysis by Kaspersky found that many websites offer to let users obtain Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy for PC. Regrettably, people are becoming infected with viruses and malicious software rather than downloading the game. These websites distribute trojan horses, adware, and ads, among other applications.

Hogwarts Legacy for PC is a scam
Free download is a scam

Hogwarts Legacy – the Game and the Gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay
Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay

The 1890s are the setting for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy. A student begins attending Hogwarts during this period. The Ministry of Magic releases a field guide as players arrive at the school much later than the other students. The player character shall additionally be able to wipe off the wizarding world via a secret, ancient spell.

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The open-world action role-playing game is set in the universe initially shown in the franchise books. Players in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy can enroll in classes at the wizarding institution.

Rise in attacks on gaming companies

There has been a rise in attacks on gaming companies
There has been a rise in attacks on gaming companies

The number of assaults against gaming enterprises has risen in recent years. Also, gaming businesses are infamous for their cybersecurity procedures. Gaming firms gather various information on their users besides the game’s content, like their login credentials & financial data. Attackers such as the curators of the ‘Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy download for free’ scam may find great use in this information.

One more security hole gaming companies may have exposed to attackers is unpatched software. Another difficulty that gaming companies encounter is a lack of security knowledge. In contrast to other industries, they lack the resources and security procedures to defend themselves against cyberattacks.

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