The beauty industry for women and men has been one of the growing industries since its inception. Do beauty products cause cancer? We have a list to help you answer this question.

Beauty products cause cancer?

Since 4,000 BC, beauty products have been a part of our routine. Egyptians used it for beauty needs. Eye makeup such as Khol was used and shown in their paintings and remains. Beauty products have evolved with trends and time. Recently skincare has also been a part of beauty. Beauty products have been the cause of skin cancer for many years. This was due to a lack of information among the consumers. Companies used products that were available for cheap. Nobody knew what ingredients caused allergies, cancer, or other harm.

body lotions, serums, and body oils cancer
Body care is the most used beauty product; body lotions, serums, and body oils are some of them.

Due to recent investments in Research and development, there have been innovations, more understanding of the ingredients, and more consumer awareness. The internet plays a more significant part in this consumer awareness. Companies are slowly moving away from testing on animals. Vegan beauty care has been trending, and people know the consequences of buying products.

In recent years beauty is becoming less harmful. Beauty products are not directly linked to cancer yet. But it does contain carcinogens. This article lists things you need to look out for before you purchase beauty and grooming.

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Haircare and cancer

Haircare is a growing industry. It is the second largest industry after skin care. Just like our skin, our hair is unique to us. People are experimenting and trying to understand what products suit them the best. Hair dyes are used to contain chemicals that cause cancer. But recent developments have led to these chemicals being removed. Allergens such as ammonia and sulfate have all been removed.

If you are an employee that works with hair straightening, then there is a chemical you need to look out for. That chemical is Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is used in hair straightening and smoothening products. Prolonged exposure to Formaldehyde can lead to cancer. An employee is more exposed to this than a customer that gets it done once or twice. It is essential to wear gloves and masks. Wash your hands and equipment after use.

Nails, Bath, and body care.

U.V. Nail Lamp is used to dry nail polishes faster and set any designs done on the nails.

Bath and body care have improved over the decades. The industry has been growing over time. There have been more options apart from just soaps and body washes. Research has shown that some products in soaps, body firming, anti-aging lotions, and serums may be carcinogenic. Here is a list of chemicals you need to pay heed to, 

  • Polyethylene
  • PEG
  • Polyoxyethylene
  • Polyethylene glycol
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Apart from these, the chemicals that end with “oxynol” and “eth” are also on the list. Read your ingredients before you buy them. Bath and body care and fragrance items sometimes contain endocrine disruptors. This causes reproductive issues in adults. In women, this is one of the leading causes of breast cancer. Meanwhile, the U.V. rays used to dry nail polishes have been the cause of skin cancer for people with sensitive skin.

Your health shouldn’t suffer because of your need for beauty. Anyone can maintain both aspects without causing harm. Stay informed about the product you use.