We love to search Twitter and find the cutest, weirdest, and most open tweets out there. If you like the more personal side of Twitter, you might like this list.


1. Brothers always elevate others


2. The doer can never be outdone


3. Are they triplets?


4. Is it real though?


5. Heights of luxury


6. Time traveling


7. “San Diego”


8. He does have a point


9. Requirements for the job


10. That’s the fastest land mammal


11. Upcoming week’s concern


12. Gardening problems


13. That’s fair


14. A millennial lot


15. The Dawn soap


16. “I saved $3”


17. The culture of cancel


18. “I slept for dinner”


19. Kindly donate blood


20. “Maury”


21. The young generation


22. “The way I sleep”


23. Unbothered and moisturized


24. Sprouts from Brussels


25. Going easy…


26. Bones that are puddling


27. The first 20 seconds are worst indeed


28. From enemies to being friends


29. Thrilled and childless