Undoubtedly dogs bring happiness in our lives. They are known for their jolly personalities. They cheer us up every time we feel low. But due to their exciting behavior, they do cause some chaos at home. It’s amusing to see them creating troubles for us. You can’t keep an expensive showpiece and a dog in the same room. The dog might end up breaking it. They might help you most of the time but in the end the cause some serious and hilarious troubles.

You just can’t punish them for the chaos. Dogs’ innocence melts your hearts. It’s actually hilarious to see their facial expressions once they are caught red-handed for their unforgiving crimes. But we are helpless. The good boy can’t be punished.

Here are 20 not-so-good-boys shamed for their crimes.

1) Partners in crime

2) Caught in the act

3) Dog spelled backward is God. So it makes sense.

4) I’m sure he had no intention to hurt his brother.

5) He is growing up. You can tell by the chewed doorway.

6) This dog is so talented. It poops rainbow.

7) No matter how horrible it is, he seems happy with it.

8) This dog is terrified of its own fart.

9) Oh god, that might hurt. A lot.

10) This dog has some serious chewing rules.

11) Spreading terror around the house

12) Eating fresh gourmet cuisine

13) Meet dumb and dumber

14) Karma is sweet

15) I’m leaking

16) I guess he was trying to learn ABC

17) It’s part of his religious education.

18) Pee fountain

19) Horrible teamwork!

20) The daily adventures of the sock brothers

21) Bro, this is just weird

22) Ew! He actually has shit on his face.

23) That’s the spirit

24) No one likes to roll on wetness.

25) It’s his way of expressing love.